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Changes in Legislation affecting air conditioning
From January 2015 new legislation came into force making it illegal to use Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) including the refrigerant gas R22 in refrigeration, heat pump and air conditioning systems. The laws have come into force due to the damage these gases have caused to the ozone layer protecting our planet.

This will have a big impact on any air conditioning system installed before 2004 as R22 was the most common type of gas used.

The changes will have the most impact on older systems as it has been illegal to use this type of gas in new units since 2004, but owners of older equipment have been able to legally top up their systems with the gas until now. There are two options available for owners of these systems, either replace with new air conditioning equipment or try to bring older less efficient systems up to the standard required to make them legal.

One point in favour of upgrading to a newer system is the rising cost of energy. It is a fact that old equipment can consume up to 50% more energy than newer models, making it more expensive to run and maintain plus it will be creating more harmful carbon emissions. If you would like an assessment on your Air Conditioning in Bournemouth call PWB on 01202 682500

Safe usage of platforms and lifting equipment
While there's no doubt that being able to hire lifting equipment and platforms makes all kinds of exterior work much safer and easier, it's also important to ensure that you follow certain health and safety measures when using this equipment, in order to minimise the risk of accidents. Therefore prior to use, a risk assessment should be made, identifying potential hazards and putting in place suitable control measures, to ensure the safety of both the people that will use the platform, and the people on the ground too.

There are a number of precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of hazards:

  · Make sure to brief operators on both safe working systems and potential dangers, especially if the platform is going to be used in an area that has overhead      structures.
  · Ensure that the platform is placed on firm, level ground to avoid the machine overturning.
  · Always have guardrails and toe boards fitted to the platform.
  · Always keep the platform tidy to reduce the chance of an operators losing his balance or tripping over while in the basket.
  · If concerned that the risk of falling remains, consider using a harness with a restraint lanyard. This should be anchored to a suitable anchorage point in the basket.
  · Keep the area below the platform clear, to avoid personnel being hit by objects which may fall from the basket.
  · Keep abreast of changing weather conditions. High winds can cause the platform to tilt and lose stability.

By keeping these recommendations in mind, you'll ensure the health and safety of your workers and get the job done in a safe and risk free manner. If you'd like more information about the range of platform hire Dorset has available, and some of the most cost effective platform hire Christchurch has on offer, contact PWB Industrial Heating Service Ltd on 01202 682 500. You'll find that we provide excellent equipment at extremely competitive rates.

Lifting Platforms Essential for Events Coverage
Over the last few years’ access and lifting platforms have become far more widely used to film sporting events. With sports such as rugby or football taking place over large areas they can provide a real Birdseye view perfect for live television viewing. More imaginative camera positioning and shots can also be used to increase the excitement for all manner of sports and events.

Modern equipment has made this filming far safer, easier and more efficient. Currently there is a wide variety of access equipment which can be utilised. Depending on the requirements and size of event a different choice of access platform can be made to find the most suitable. The expansion of lifting platforms available has transformed the way in which we view events.

In the past many outdoor sporting events usually suffered received poor coverage due to difficult camera conditions and uninteresting ground level footage. Often there will only be a very limited field of view or time when recording can be made. As a result these sports we not given the exposure or airtime they deserved.

Now with greater availability of lifting platforms more exciting footage can be captured for a longer period of time. This results in far higher quality coverage when shooting footage at an event. This becomes very evident in events involving participants soaring high into the air. By using raised camera angles it is possible to truly capture these moments on film in a way which simply wouldn’t be possible without this equipment. Platform hire in Bournemouth is regularly used to cover events during their summer seasons.

Especially for track or field events, the higher camera angles give officials the edge when they have to make serious decisions on results. The ability to review footage of the moment with different angles and positions allows for more accurate judgments to be made.

Without the use of access platforms for filming events the coverage would not seem quite so engaging or attractive. Platform hire in Bournemouth and other locations are becoming more popular to use for events around the country.